In the following lines, note the language we use to describe the beginning of a relationship:  “courtship” and “suitor.”  Tellingly, these words became less popular somewhere in the 20th century as finding a marriage partner became less like a job interview.  We have replaced the language of law with the language of human connection. “Relationship” is a newer word than “friendship,” I expect, although I am not sure.  Here are a few lines.  The unusual punctuation should tell you that this is a song, not a poem

I’m sorry I want it officially sealed
The business of feeling’s not really my field
a courtship devolves to a court
a promise is rendered as lies
I wish I could say we’ll get through this together
although that no longer applies.
The you you have chosen is yours
the I I am left with is mine
the silkydown threads we have woven together
unwind as the coarsest of twine
and if you would please to initial each section
and put your full name on the line.
A suitor evolves to a suit
in which there’s no winner or prize
I wish I could say we’ll get through this together
I know that no longer applies.


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