Two orphaned lines

1.  “A greenstick fracture on a growing limb”
2.  “lived at a high pitch in a minor key”

I was hoping to use these in a song (not the same song) at some point.  #2 actually has a tune.  #1 is five iambs and surely could fit somewhere.  The problem with #1 is that the CK in greenstick and the FR in fracture are bumping against each other.  You can’t have four consonants in a row and expect to enunciate.  Here’s what the song WOULD be about if I could write it:  the way in which a mind can break along the fault lines caused by an earlier (adolescent) episode of mental pain.  I’d probably put some neat facts about bone growth in there to underscore that joy is always a regenerative faculty, and innocence probably is too.


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